Authors' responsibilities

- Standards

The researcher(s) must comply with the regulations and regulations of the Publication Policy and the publication controls. Criteria for accurate manuscripts should be provided through clarity of purpose, presentation of results in an accurate and sequential manner, discussion of these results to achieve research objectives along with justification of research method. The research or article must be reinforced with details of the work as well as with modern scientific references. Research should not include results reported in other research. Including plagiarized results is unethical and unacceptable behaviour. The researcher must sign a pledge regarding the above-mentioned items.

- Frequent posting

Research should not be submitted to more than one journal otherwise, it will be against publication rules. Researchers may not submit to another journal to evaluate the research, and each journal has its own policy or publishing controls. In the case of evaluating the research, the researcher can keep the published materials.

Writing the paper

Specific names should be given to the authors, those who have made a significant contribution to the research including research idea, design, implementation and writing. One of the authors must be appointed as coordinator to be in contact with the journal. The research submitted for publication (undertaking) must be final approved.

Disclosure and conflict of interest

Seekers must disclose financial or other type of support provided to them. Also, they must disclose any financial conflicts or other issues that affect the search results.

Fundamental errors in published works

The researcher(s) must inform the journal if there are errors in the research in order to make the necessary corrections in the wrong printing forms. When the researcher discovers a major error or inaccuracy in the published research, they must inform the journal and collaborate with them in order to revise their published research in error.