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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).
  • The submission file is in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, or RTF document file format.
  • Where available, URLs for the references have been provided.
  • The text is single-spaced; uses a 12-point font; employs italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); and all illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.
  • The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines.

Author Guidelines

Conditions of publication in missan academic joural

     Missan journal for academic studies issues a specialized voulmes including humanist science, social science, educational science and applied pure science.

The journal publishes the genuine scientific researches in various field. From inside Iraq and outside Iraq, in both languages Arabic and English. The research should not published or submitted for publication in another journal. And due to the researcher has to sign a written  commitment. All researches yield to the followed scientific procedures for evalution.

Guidelines for researchers:

1-Send an electronic microsoft copy to


2-The research has to print with equal spaces and the number of pages should not exceeds 20 pages ( 6500 words, size 13. Arabic researches should be in simplified Arabic while the English researches in New Roman). Includes, table, pictures  but accessories and questionnare.

3-The main titles and sub-titles use to divide the parts of the research in according to their priority, logical sequence. And the main titles involve the following:

-Title of the research.

-The name of researcher and place of work ( department, college, university ).

-E mail.


-Key words, not less than 5 words.


-Material and method.

-Result and discussion.



4-An Arabic and English abstract attached with research. Abstract's words number should not exceed (100) words.

5-Tables and figures should be implied inside the texts and numbered according to their order in the research, caption, and refered to them with sequence number. And use the Arabic number (1,2,3...) in all parts of the research.


6-Each research paper should contains 50% of foreign references but Arabic and Qur'an science.

7-In case of amendements the researcher will be given 4 months to make them, otherwise, the journal has the legal right to abrogate the publication.

8-The researcher has to pay the expenses of the research evaluation even he/she decided to discontinue the process of publication.

9-After approval for publication, the researcher has no right to withdraw the research whatever the reason may be.

10-Documentation (references):

    The researcher has to indicates to the author in the intext citation as in the following example:

Samir Mohammad Jaber  ( Jaber,33,2016) likewise in English language  ( peterson, 1991,33) while the researches.  Arabic language researchers can note to their references by using sequence number method between two brackets , like, (1), (2), (3), and briefly elaborate that at the end of the research and in according to their order inside the texts.

11- Works-cited and references should be listed at the end of th research paper and alphabetized by auther's last name.

12-In documentation it's advisable to use , mendely and End note.

13-In case of approval , the researcher has to sign a transfer  ownership to in favor of missan academic journal.

14-Document three relevant published references from missan academic journal . The formal site of the journal is



15-Editorial board has the right to amke amendemts upon type of letters, writing style and the sentence structure linguistically to be in conformity with joural standards.

16-Editorial's decision is a decisive one . Whether approval or disapproval , and the journal does not required to justify the reason.

17-A study-chosen copy will be handed to the researcher and for more electronic copies the researcher can visit the site of the journal.

18-All references, whether Arabic and English ones, should be translated and listed at the end of research paper, but the Arabic language and Qur'an science researches.

19- Researcher should has ORCID account.

20-Each research will be submitted to electronic plagiarism.

Note: the researcher has to be cited by three references taken from missan academic journal and translated them to English language.

For correspondence:


Scientific academic journal site:


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

The copyright is also the copyright of the magazine only.

All articles published in our magazine are subject to license terms

Creative Commons Attribution(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) This license permits the content to be reproduced, redistributed and reused in whole or in part for any purpose free of charge, without any permission from the author(s), researcher or student.

Works submitted to Maysan Journal of Academic Studies for publication in the journal (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license terms. Where available content can be shared, distributed and replicated provided there is no commercial profit and appropriate credit must be given to the original source through sources or citations. It is mandatory to review any material used from other sources including shapes, tables, and images for re-use under the terms of the Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).Provided that there is no modification to the original content